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Inspect and understand your home with one of BC's leading home inspectors

Put your jeans on, work alongside of Hugh while he inspects the house. Hugh will give you the information you need about the mechanicals (electrical, plumbing and heating) to the envelope (roof, walls, floors, doors and windows). When you really understand the house and how to maintain it before you buy, it can make for a "no surprises" process that works for everyone.

After the inspection Hugh writes a personalized easy to read inspection report complete with reference pictures.

Hugh Cairns is a recognized expert on home construction issues, maintenance and renovations. He is the author of the popular column - About the House - which runs weekly on – the Okanagan's news and information source.

His readership approaches him with their questions seeking his advise and reliable solutions on a wide range of topics ranging from water intrusion, mould, buckling floors, furnaces, fire hazards, and more.

To have Hugh Cairns inspect your home call 250-808-5777


Home inspectors charge different rates. My inspection rates are not based on the size, age or even how much the home is selling for. My rates are based on the time realized to inspect and report the home thoroughly and professionally. In most cases, the costs of my inspections may be more than other home inspectors, but the possible hidden costs of a bad home inspection are far too high and can last for many years.

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Hugh Cairns inspects homes in the Thompson Okanagan Similkameen including Kamloops, Kelowna, Vernon, Penticton, Oliver, Osoyoos, Princeton and surrounding areas.

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Hugh Cairns helps you understand every part of your home and what it means.

If your purchasing a home it’s important for you to hire an inspector that gives you valuable knowledge by conducting a thorough assessment and visual examination of the home to detect deficiencies and defects so you can make an informed decision. You should expect quality, integrity and knowledgeable opinions in a home inspection. Now is the time to get solid information and the best advice so that you can judge the house wisely.

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