Thursday, 27 May 2010
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Hugh Cairns is a Licensed Home Inspector and is your source for professional residential and commercial property inspections in the Okanagan.

If you are buying, thinking of selling, or if you just want to be sure that your home and family are secure, call Hugh Cairns for a comprehensive structural and environmental inspection.

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Houses from $450 including G.S.T

Townhouses from $425 including G.S.T

Condo's from $400 including G.S.T


Book an inspection  250-808-5777



My inspections cost more than my competitors. Why? Because I offer the regions most trusted and thorough examination of the homes systems - and that takes time and knowledge.

My inspection rates aren't based on the size, age or even the value of the subject property like other inspectors. My rates are based on the time realized to inspect the home professionally.

Condo inspections are as demanding as a home inspections. The buildings are bigger and complex. The only real difference is in the amount of living space that you will reside in. 

Aside from the time invested, the value of the inspection and report can be measured by its usefulness. If the inspection turns up little wrong with the house, you've bought some relatively inexpensive peace of mind. If the inspection finds problems you could end up saving many thousands of dollars.


Hugh Cairns is a recognized expert on home construction issues, maintenance and renovations. He is the author of the popular column - About the House - which runs weekly on – the Okanagan's news and information source.

His readership approaches him with their questions seeking his advise on a reliable solutions on a wide range of topics ranging from water intrusion, mould, buckling floors, furnaces, fire hazards, and more.


Inspect your home with the Okanagan Valley's leading home inspector.

Put your jeans on and learn about your house. Work along side of Hugh while he inspects your home. He'll show you his findings teach you about home maintenance and answer your questions right on the spot. Hugh will discuss the issues with you to your satisfaction so that you will have enough information at the end of the inspection to make an informed buying decision.

After the inspection Hugh writes a personalized easy to read inspection report complete with reference pictures. 


The owner of Subject 2 Home Inspections, is a member of the Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors of British Columbia — CAHPI (BC) and a Certified Energy Auditor.

Hugh Cairns delivers premium home inspection services to our community through expert knowledge, support and communication. Hugh’s training and career in construction has prepared him to work with home buyers requiring a flare for technical expertise. Hugh believes strongly in providing his clients with all the facts before they buy their home so that they can be secure in making an informed buying decision.


Hugh Cairns inspects homes in the Okanagan - Similkameen including Kelowna, Vernon, Penticton, Oliver, Osoyoos, Princeton and surrounding areas.

To book an inspection call 250-808-5777