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Just like you, I want to know if the home is warm, safe and dry. Like you, I want to know what condition the home systems, equipment and appliances are in. During the inspection we will evaluate the items that make up the main systems of your home. When we are finished we will examine our findings together. At the end you will had a premium home inspection backed with knowledge, support and clear communication.

Does the Roof leak, how long will it last?

Most of my clients first concern is the condition of the roof. That's smart. If the roof leaks or has leaked that could be an indication of deeper problems. I'll visually inspect the condition of the roof, chimney, gutters, downspouts, skylights, shingles, and roof flashings.


Are the Heating and Cooling Systems OK?

You’ll want to know the age of the furnace and it’s condition. I evaluate the general condition of the heating and cooling systems. If the furnace is old I may recommend that it be replaced with one of today's energy saving efficient systems, saving you money and keeping you comfortable.

Is the Electrical wiring safe?

I remove the electrical panel cover and examine the capacity and condition of the electrical system. The circuit-breaker (or fuse) box is examined to ensure that the service capacity is adequate and that the breakers and wires are suitably matched. If I find aluminum wiring, I’ll advise you and explain the known problems. I test a representative number of outlets and switches to ensure that there are no wiring defects.

Does the Plumbing leak?

I will locate the main shut off for the house for you. In case of an emergency it’s extremely important to stop the flow of water. I inspect the size of the supply lines for adequacy and make sure that the visible supply pipes have adequate protection from the elements. I also check the capacity, age and location of the hot water supply and check the fixtures. I and check the condition of the plumbing fixtures and faucets.

Tell me about the Interior.

On the inside of the home, I inspect the ceilings, interior walls and floor coverings to determine their quality and condition. Interior doors are checked to make sure they function properly. As well, the cabinetry and countertops are examined.

How is the Crawlspace and Foundation?

I like to spend time thoroughly inspecting the basement or crawlspace. Specifically I  defects in the foundation or structure. Water intrusion is always a concern, so I check thoroughly for any evidence of leaks. Basements often are finished by their owners without the advice of a professional , I check them carefully, just like I would do if I was buying the house for my family.

Is the Attic dry and well insulated?

Attics are inspected for problems such as structural defects and water intrusion. I'll check to make sure that the attic is well insulated and well ventilated - a key consideration in your heating costs.

What condition is Exterior in?

The home's structure is examined very closely, I look for cracks in the foundation and other signs of structural distress. I'll tell you about the condition of the siding and evaluate the exterior doors and windows and check to see if they are sealed against weather conditions. The patios, driveways, walkways, and exterior wall surfaces are inspected also. Do-it-yourself projects like homemade decks are specifically targeted to make sure that they were built right.

I want to ask the Inspector a question about....

I am certain that my inspections are dollar for dollar the best available. If there is something that you are wondering about, perhaps something that you are planning to do in the future and need some advice about, just ask, I am here to help.


Hugh Cairns inspects homes in Kelowna, Vernon, Penticton, Oliver, Osoyoos, Princeton and surrounding areas.

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