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Webrecsol did a great job. I consider myself to be a very choosy client & I am very particular about my specification. They understood my requirements very easily and they worked hard to complete my project upto my expectations. Great work ethics and

Jonathan | UK

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Our Services
Our Services

Webrecsol serves multitude of needs

Mc Aska serves multitude of needs

Portal Development

Our expertise with web portal development and portal maintenance extends to cover all the possible needs. We have designed and developed multi dimensional web portals, be it B2B (Business to Business) portals, B2C (Business to Consumer) portals, e-commerce portals, sharepoint portal Development.

Our Portal Development services include Offshore Portal Development, Outsource Portal Development, Portal Maintenance and Portal Designing.

In other words a portal is represents as a website that provides a single point so that we can access the application and information through this.

Webrecsol offers its experience to build interactive, innovative & efficient portal solutions for their clients.

Webrecsol offers all services related to portal development and we develop all types of portals according to needs of clients, Such as -

Community Portal Development

With the help of community portal we can do translation of relationships into e-commerce opportunities.

Mainly the objectives of organization’s business are to establish and increase regular interaction with customer and generate market awareness for company brands. Community portals can be horizontal / broad-based and vertical according to the requirement.

Enterprise portals

Enterprise portals are very useful for an organization to supply the desired information to public and it help to market company products and services to worldwide audience. For the user of enterprise applications , corporate databases and system , it is a web based interface. In any industry or business its very easy way for interaction on business issue. Enterprise portals provides business information to its partner, customer, suppliers and employee and its provide news related to enterprise and the second generation of intranet technologies.

E-Marketplace Portal Development

Webrecsol built e-marketplace portal also. If we want that sellers and buyers can trade together over net then its possible through e-marketplace portal. Its also provide facility for auctions , bid/quote , exchange and inter-business transaction.

Intranet Portal Development

Intranet are same like internet but the main difference is related to its access facility, its only restricted to one organization or company. If you want to exchange the data then it would be protected from outside world and only exchanged within your company. Its offering some fundamentals also like information taxonomy, search and news related to enterprise. It provides wide ranger of internal information to your employees like company news, research papers, company reports, and client’s information including HR documents.

There are rest portals developed by Webrecsol.

• B2B portal development • E-commerce Portal • Shopping Cart Portal Development • Enterprise Portals • Online Travel portal (web site) • JOB Site Web Portal • Knowledge Portal Development • Real state Portal Development • Entertainment Portal Development • B2C portal development • Corporate Intranet Portals • Job portal Development etc.